Nitro-UK Citadel RF EAS retail security gate antenna

  • RF based security gates antenna perfect for crime prevention in retail shops.
  • High Quality. anti theft EAS retail advertising security gate Antenna.
  • RF based 8.2MHz article surveillance system.
  • Good noise reduction capability for minimal interference.
  • New with highly advanced, easy to use tuning and diagnostic software.
  • Very accurate detection rate & anti interference capability.
  • High detection range (soft tags up to 1.6m, Hard tags up to 2.4m)
  • New with highly advanced tuning and diagnostic software.
  • High quality acrylic material, transparent frame colour and sleek design.
  • Optional stainless base and different colours available.
  • High detection rate with extremely low false alarm.
  • Fully compatible with all RF tags and labels.
  • Superior Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.
  • High flexibility, accuracy, anti-interference and stable performance.
  • It can work as either Mono or Master/slave.
  • All electronics are integrated with no controller needed.
  • Consequently much more cost effective solutions for multi aisle scenario.
  • Upgraded smart chip with huge kernal processing & signal analyzing system.
  • Software based anti-interference tuning and adjustment, low power consumption and environmentally friendly.

NITRO-UK Manchester CITADEL anti theft RF EAS retail security gate antenna is perfect for retail crime prevention. It is an advanced software driven system capable of excellent detection of 8.2MHz DR labels and tags.  It has good resistance to interference and comes with intuitive software diagnostics. CITADEL anti theft RF EAS retail security gate antenna is an ideal choice for retail stores of all sizes with dual LEDs that cab be set to either permanently on or to come on during an alarm.

NITRO-UK Manchester CITADEL anti theft RF EAS retail security gate antenna system consists of a master unit that can support up to two slaves with no controller required, making large or multiple exits very cost-effective. The antennas are fully adaptable and can easily be configured as a transceiver, transmitter or receiver. This allows for full flexibility during installation.

NITRO-UK Manchester CITADEL anti theft RF EAS retail security gate antenna system includes integrated jammer detection, bad news for the favourite tool of professional shoplifters. Digital oscilloscope features simplify troubleshooting and synchronization. No extra tools or devices are required for synchronization. Easy to install, configure and looks incredible too.


Please note that detection range for both RF soft labels and Large hard tags are dependent on the actual environment and  all noise interference at the installed location.

Technical specifications



RF Label 4*4
RF Large hard Tag
Frame Color
Net / Gross weight
Operating Voltage
Power Consumption
Work Rate of Each Antenna

Nitro-UK CITADEL RF EAS retail security gate antenna
Up to 1.6m
Up to 2.4m
1620*450*154mm (2pcs per ctn)
18KG/22KG (2pcs)
110 ~ 220V
24V 2A
Mono 30W, Dual 25W, 1TX+2RX 40
-5°C to 50°C